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This system we offer is born out of people not really knowing what is going on online and what the best safe practices are that are Google friendly.

Just Think About It . . .

Do you have time to to study and follow all that is happening on-line and work in your business as well, coupled with the fact of the ever changing online search engine rules.

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Increase Your Visibilty

Allow your business the satisfaction of being seen by more people.

Increase Customers

We will assist you in getting more customers to your site to experience your quality product or service.

Increase Your Income

Everybody wants to increase money in their business. Generate more inquiries that will lead to more success.

What Else We Can Do

Make Your Budget Work For You.

If you are going to build your business online you need to put your hard earned cash in the right place for your unique service to get a healthy return on investment.

Talk To You Like A Human Being.

There is so much tech talk out there and it really helps when you know what it means. We will talk to you and give you layman's terms understanding of what is going on

Periodic Reports Just For You.

We will keep you in the loop by giving you reports that you can compare over time to see the momentum that is created for your goals. You can even generate your own.

More Services

Google Optimised Website Design Service

We pride ourselves in being able to design websites that the search engines love. If you want a overhaul or even a simple business card site.

Social Media Marketing

The power of social media is a big concern nowadays as having human interaction on sites has significant impact in rankings. We specialise inthis too.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whether you are a local or national company we want you to increase your business success through the search engines using the most effective techniques.

Kardy LagudaWelcome to ALF Media, you may have been either directed to here from one of many successful people who value integrity or you found us using search or keyword terms that we favour in Google.

We primarily position ourselves to help businesses and individuals in the search engines using the desired "Search Engine Optimisation" (SEO) techniques for the home counties in the UK. Essex SEO, Sussex SEO and Kent SEO are what we like to do. All that being said we also use a human approach as each business is different and after  all its people that are searching.

Below you can see some of our testimonials and we pride ourselves on offering a service that gets results. If you are not getting the service or results using the internet just think about what you could achieve through our efforts. At the top of all this you need to be on page 1 of Google for your search term because if you are not you could be losing a vast amount of money over time.

Why Do You Need An SEO Expert?

This is a question that is probably going through your head right now, but don't despair as it's no secret that the old ways of getting in contact with businesses and people are dwindling and the phone book is becoming more of a door stop as opposed to an information guide as people use the internet more and more.

We want to help you optimise your website or web properties and we offer a free test which you can do  yourself if yoou choose above on this page followed by a free consultation should you so desire. Each business is different and we take that into consideration. We can assist you with the following:-

  • On Page SEO, Off Page SEO, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Offline to Online Strategies, Sales Funnels, Product & Service Promotion, Video Promotion & Marketing . . . and much more . . .

Contact us here if you have any questions or fill in the discovery form.

What Our Customers Are Saying . . . .

Need a website? Kardy Laguda is your man. His knowledge, skill and attention to detail delivered a bespoke website that was up and running by deadline to compliment my fitness business launch. Ongoing business support means my website is up to date, growing, working with me and for me in a competitive market. Couldn't be happier or more excited that I have a first class website that is tailored to grow and evolve with me and my business
Lindsey PetersFounder/ Lindsey Fitness
I task all my online activities with my companies with the wealth of knowledge that is Kardy Laguda and ALF Media. He can handle many different aspects of internet marketing promotions, from SEO to email marketing, from sales funnels to Facebook Ads. If you need internet help you must get in touch with him.
Jason PattinsonCEO/ Completely Hydraulic
Kardy Laguda and his company is the main instigator in most of my on-line activities. I receive most of my customers from my website he built specifically for my type of business and the other on-line systems that ALF Media recommends work. I have cancelled my other main online promotion company.
Gary PageOwner / Aaron Aerials
Kardy's knowledge in website building actually surpassed my expectations. I am actually being coached and guided by him and his company too. He knows the answer to a wide variety of internet related topics that suit my business model and I trust what he says because it makes sense and get me results and increased traffic and profits.
Chris WhistlecroftFounder/ Fit 2gether 4 All
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